To help maximize your investment in technology, your business needs access to a wide variety of specialized equipment.  In response to this need, M&T-2001 has developed the latest in a family of Slot Insulation Forming and Inserting machines.

Your facility can deliver quality insulation and insert it with great precision, faster.

 How ? The SF-04S delivers real results and it gets you ahead of the pack:


  • The machine is capable of forming “S” or “B” shape slot insulation – the switchover is done by changing the tooling only
  • Precise Insulation paper length control – the feeder is driven by a servo motor
  • No need to adjust the length of the insulation paper – it is stored in a software module for each particular type of armature
  • The SF-04S model has two heaters improving the forming process and guaranteeing the shape of the insulation
  • Significantly shortened cycle time of slot insulation forming and inserting – only one (1) second per slot
  • Fast and easy readjustment of the machine to any new type of armature